Create! Magazine Issue 21

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Contemporary Art Magazine 

Issue 21 Contents


130 pages, glossy cover 


Cover: Grant Haffner


Finding Her Focus: Interview with Sungi Mlengeya

By Alicia Puig

On the Road with Painter Grant Haffner

by Alicia Puig

Separate But Together: Clarissa Bonet & Natalie Krick on Collaboration

By Christina Nafziger

Creative Conviction: Interview with Erik Minter

By Alicia Puig

Artists selected by our guest curators The TAX Collection for issue #21:

Ginnie Baer

Carly Bodnar

Vincent Chung

Allan Saint-Denis

Sophie Derrick

Caitlyn Rose Doran

Teresa Escobar

Caroline Estelle

Ian Fisher

Tim Gatenby

Amber Hart

Julia Haw

Courtney Heather

Juliana Hyrri

Xuefei Ji

Laurence Jones

Danielle Klebes

Chris Klein

Kunal Kohli

Danyelle Lakin

Roman Manikhin

Svitlana Martynjuk

Jake McCauley

Noelle Phares

Vivian Rashotte

Colin Roberts

Buket Savci

Travis Leroy Southworth

Erin Titus

Sally West

About the Guest Curators: TAX Collection

The TAX Collection is a multimedia platform dedicated to exposing the world to today's most inspiring artists and creatives. By creating space not only in the digital world, but also the physical, we act as a catalyst for collaboration and communication between artists, their audiences, and collectors. Through exhibitions, diverse projects, and publications, we maintain our commitment to the support and promotion of the artist - for the sake of the art. Without the 'artist' there would be no 'art'.

The TAX Collection was created in 2015 by Max Berman and Tanner Steslow out of a spirit of recognition for emerging artists and a new generation of creatives working across digital and physical mediums. Since our inception, the platform quickly gained a large following and blossomed into a community of artists and their fans, galleries, and collectors, from all corners of the world under the common cause of empowering the artist and championing freedom of expression. We hope you join us in our exploration of the ever-inspiring phenomenon that is art.