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Create! Magazine Issue #35

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Welcome to issue #35!



Reflecting on the past six years of publishing this magazine brings up so many memories, highlights and lessons. We decided to focus on the theme of “growth” for this special edition.

We grew together in so many ways: our audience expanded, our magazine reached new milestones, we participated in conferences and art fairs, but most importantly we connected with incredible artists and art-lovers like you. Over the past few years, we focused on adding new content, wrote multiple books, and some of us started our own galleries and businesses, which then led us to share more career advice, tips and support inside our issues, website and podcast.

I can’t say that it has always been a smooth ride though. Creating anything has many challenges, from getting creative with funding, to stretching our skills and overcoming obstacles with global events, paper shortages and more. I can confidently say it’s worth it, and the more we focus on the purpose behind our platform, the stronger we become.

The biggest growth we have experienced is one that can’t be qualified. It is the growth that comes from experimenting and staying the course when the journey feels impossible. Just being able to write this letter for each issue is a huge win!

Being a creative entrepreneur and artist is a life of constantly staying present, in faith, open to new ideas, inspiration and opportunities and thinking outside the box.

We are so excited to grow together and bring forth in-person events, more beautiful print issues, artist opportunities and advice and support to our community. Thank you for being here!

In this issue’s article section, our writers talk with artists Elsa Muñoz, Chanel Kreuzer, Kim Tateo, Lucia Heffernan and Sharon Wensel about how their diverse practices have led them on a path towards growth. Plus, Christina Nafziger offers an essay on slow growth while reflecting on her years at Create!, and artist-coach TJ Walsh lays out steps to help artists map out their vision and purpose.

In honor of Create! Magazine’s sixth-year anniversary, Ekaterina Popova, Alicia Puig and Christina Nafziger got together and curated this issue’s incredible section of artists! We thrive through collaboration, and we are stronger when working together—which makes this selection especially powerful!

Enjoy the pages!

Thank you so much for your support.


Kat, Alicia and Christina




Moments and Movements: Interview with Chanel Kreuzer by Alicia Puig.



Grief, Longing, and Growing Within It All: Interview with Elsa Muñoz by Christina Nafziger.



Experiencing Life and Its Wonderful Messiness: Interview with Kim Tateo by Ekaterina Popova.



Lucia Heffernan’s Animals with Attitude: Interview with Lucia Heffernan by Alicia Puig.



Interview with Molly Alexander by Ekaterina Popova.





Christina Nafziger writes about slow growth while reflecting on her years at Create! by Christina Nafziger.


T J  W A L S H

Artist-Coach TJ Walsh lays out steps to help artists map out their vision and purpose by TJ Walsh


Artists Selected by The Create! Magazine Team


Taylor Bamgbose
Nicole Rayburn
Jude Zawaideh
Shelby Little
Kristin Sjaarda
Sophie Asselin
Julianne Nash
Kaetlyn Able
Scott Allen Roberts
Jaime Foster
Adrian Zavala
Laurén Brady
Kimberley Kermode
Andrew Cooper
Qin Tan
Lexi Laine
Shaleen Garba
Alanna Vanacore
Evi Antonio
Kate Leibrand
Miranda Moore
Lauren Peters
Peishan Huang
Deniz Kurdak
Rachel Le Roux
Mia Risberg
Brittany Holloway-Brown
Sarah Leuchtner
Nina Lee Ruiter
Laurén Magda
Lauren Phillips
Julie Anne Greenberg
Bree Smith
Gabrielle Dobrzelewski
Marryam Moma
Nikki Gardner
Nathan Rhoads