Create! Magazine: Issue 37: The Women's Issue 2023

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Introducing the Women's Edition of Create! Magazine Issue #37.

In this issue:

Amelia Briggs: "Tactile Textiles: Playful Abstraction in the Work of Amelia Briggs"

Reisha Perlmutter: "Diving Deeper: Interview with Reisha Perlmutter"

Samar Hejazi: "Threaded Histories: A Creative Exploration with Artist Samar Hejazi"

Olivia Zubko: "Transformation Through Fire: The Porcelain Works of Olivia Zubko"

Mariana Gómez: "The Secrets of Women: A Profile on Artist, Feminist, Writer, Gallerist Mariana Gómez"

Lee Nowell-Wilson: "House Under The Table"

Kristen M. Brown: "A Passport into the Soul: Capturing Costa Rica"

Christina Nafziger: "Learning to be Gentle With Yourself" In our Career-in-Focus section, join Christina Nafziger as she explores the importance of self-compassion and gentle self-care in the pursuit of a fulfilling artistic career.

Curated Section: Discover a diverse selection of artists chosen by Marina Press Granger, including Sandra Cavanaugh, Erin Smith, Glenn Abhika Pahwa, Allison Baker, Tereza Barnard, Melisa Gile, Allison Harrell, Suzy Kellems Dominik, Ariana Tavares, Tina Psoinos, Britty Em, Tanya Levina, Cat Rigdon, Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, Lisa Levy, Erin O'Neill, Frances Melhop, Sara Alsaied, Gail Eleanor Wegodsky, Joanne Steinhardt, Kat Ryals, Wenqing Zhai, Kate Rusek, Sono Kuwayama, Katherine Mason, Orly Cogan, Kathleen Beausoleil, Rachel Rose Morrissey, Stephanie Sachs, Katie Southworth, Margaret Jolly, Linda Mann, Kayla Rumpp, Laurie M. Landry, Keeya, and Marcela Ramos Castillo.

Immerse yourself in this inspiring collection of artwork, interviews, profiles, and curated selections, celebrating the talent and creativity of women in the art world. Get your copy of Create! Magazine Issue #37, the Women's Edition, today!

Digital subscriptions are available here.


Author: Magazine, Create!

Number Of Pages: 186

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Release Date: 26-06-2023

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