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Welcome to Create! Magazine Issue #41!

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Mystery and magic have always drawn us creatives in. Whether it is the strange ways ideas come to us in the studio or the hidden elements in our work, there is always room to explore the unknown and be in awe of life, art, and creativity.

For this issue, we invited artists to share their work and stories that invite us to dive deeper into the sometimes witchy, sometimes truly magical elements of art. Explore interviews with Alex Garant, Alison Blickle, Cindy Bernhard, Rebecca Chaperon, Sarah Potter, and Michelle Avery Konczyk.

For our curated section, we invited artist and founder of Visionary Art Collective, Victoria Fry, to handpick artists from all around the world.

Join us as we explore the extraordinary in the creative process.

Featured Articles:

  • Distorted Reality: Figurative Op Art by Alex Garant by Alicia Puig
  • Crystals Filled with Possibilities & Portals to Another World: Interview with Rebecca Chaperon by Christina Nafziger
  • Selfie Culture, Magic, & Mythology: Interview with Alison Blickle by Christina Nafziger
  • The Mysterious World of Michelle Avery Konczyk: Navigating Surrealism and Symbolism Through Paintings by Ekaterina Popova
  • On the Edge of the Mystical: Interview with Cindy Bernhard by Christina Nafziger
  • The Mystical World of Sarah Potter by Ekaterina Popova


Featured Artists in Our Curated Section:

Robin Adler
Rachel Bensimon
Yana Beylinson
Shweta Bist
Jen Bootwala
Paula E Borsetti
Sarah E. Boyle
Melanie Brock
Karen ChristieFisher
Sandra Curitore
Amy J. Dyck
Alycia Earhart
Loren Eiferman
Kirk Gower
Marion Griese
Mariell Guzman
Asia Hanon
Alexis Herman
Brandi Hofer
Ryan Horton
Marie-José Robinson Kafri
Geraldina Khatchikian
Mary Lacy
Tafy LaPlanche
Tiffany Heng-Hui Lee
Jessica Libor
Ellen Starr Lyon
Gina Ariko Marioni
Jennifer Agricola Mojica
Petra Schott
Jennifer Small
Anvi Stevens
Maddie Stratton
Jacquelyn Strycker
Sarah Verardo
Yahel Yan
Rachael Zur

Number Of Pages: 188