Create! Magazine Issue 42: The Love Issue

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Falling in Love Again

Dear Reader,

Welcome to issue #42 of Create! Magazine! It brings me the utmost joy to compile each edition and delve into the microcosms of artists crafting their soul's work from across the globe. In this issue, our focus shifts to the expansive subject of love. Indeed, it is this very essence that fuels our studio practice, enabling us to embody the role of an artist. The same substance has sustained us in creating the magazine year after year, through all the challenges, pivots, and ups and downs, and we want you to know how deeply appreciated you are if you're currently turning these pages.

Our writers have scoured talent from the vibrant art scenes of London, Chicago, South Africa, and beyond, capturing diverse perspectives on this universal theme. This edition's curated section is expertly crafted by the impeccable eye of the Jealous Curator, whom we are thrilled to welcome back to curate the magazine once more.

Inside these pages, you'll find articles by our writers who surveyed our community to uncover what drives them in their important work. Alicia Puig interviews Emily Van Hoff, who combines design, craft, and textile art. "Retreating Internally to What You Love" features an interview with Andrew Salgado by Christina Nafziger, showcasing the artist's incredible new body of work exploring the figure, humanity, and great painting. "Show Me What Love Looks Like" offers a conversation with Asha Iman Veal about curating love, and finally, I reached out to embroidery artist Danielle Clough to learn more about her process in "Adding a Modern Flair to Contemporary Embroidery." Additionally, don't miss "Bewitching Women: A Profile on Artist, Curator (and Working Mum) Olivia Mansfield" by Zoë Goetzmann, a captivating exploration of an artist's journey amidst the complexities of motherhood and creativity.

It's truly remarkable to feature this issue's cover artist, Mark Liam Smith, an oil painter based in Toronto, Canada. Not only is he an incredible painter, but he also shares his passion with others by educating them on Instagram. We love that he gives back and empowers others on this path!

We invite you to enjoy the myriad ways love is expressed within these pages and perhaps even discover a new maker who resonates with your heart. Enjoy the journey through creativity, passion, and the boundless exploration of the human experience.


Kat and Team