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Welcome to the latest issue of Create! Magazine #43, your go-to publication for contemporary art, creative entrepreneurship, and more. In this edition, we're diving into the world of artists and their furry companions, exploring the profound connections that inspire creativity. From insightful interviews with talented artists to expert tips on collecting art, there's something for every art enthusiast. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of friendship, animals, and the transformative power of art. Enjoy the interviews, articles, and stories inside this fun edition!

  1. Ask a Gallerist: Behind the Scenes with Liz Lidgett

    By Liz Lidgett
  2. From Myth to Mastery: Embracing the Truths of the Artistic Process

    By TJ Walsh
  3. Shape of Things: A Profile on London Artist Simone Brewster

    By Zoë Goetzmann
  4. How to Collect Art: Interview with Magnus Resch

    By Alicia Puig
  5. Birds, Butterflies & Melancholia: Interview with Jane Margarette

    By Christina Nafziger
  6. Enjoying the Mistakes & Appreciating the Magic of Creating: Interview with Harriet Lowther

    By Alicia Puig
  7. Interview with Angela Fang Zirbes

    By Christina Nafziger
  8. Interview with Danym Kwon

    By Christina Nafziger
  9. Interview with Gina M. Contreras

    By Christina Nafziger
  10. Interview with Madeleine Tonzi

    By Christina Nafziger
  11. Interview with Mary Finlayson

    By Christina Nafziger
Curated Section by Jennifer Rizzo:
  • Charlotte Brisland
  • Annabelle Buck
  • Jordan Buschur
  • Katelyn Chapman
  • Kristin Elizabeth Fiorvanti
  • Helya Ebrahimi Ghajar
  • Anastasia Greer
  • Xinran Guan
  • Fortune Hunter
  • Loc Huynh
  • Anna Jekel
  • Justin N. Kim
  • Debora Koo
  • Carrie Lederer
  • Michele Montalbano
  • Jes Moran
  • Michelle Mullet
  • Erika Navarrete
  • JP Neang
  • Hallie Packard
  • Gianna Putrino
  • Lucy Ray
  • Tegan Brozyna Roberts
  • Diana Rodgers
  • Jason Shelby Schuler
  • Katie Steward
  • Denise Stewart-sanabria
  • Scott Troxel
  • Xiangjie Rebecca Wu
  • Jesse Zuo



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