Create! Magazine Issue 18 Art Miami Edition

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Enjoy the glossy, third annual Art Miami Edition! We are proud to partner of Art Miami Fairs, Pulse Art Fair, and Oolite Arts to celebrate Art Week in Miami in 2019!


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194 print pages of interviews and features with established, mid-career and emerging contemporary artists for you to discover and be inspired by.


Cover Artist

Laurence Jones


Highlight Artists represented by Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery


Laurence Jones 

Liza Campbell

Ashley Avery

Font Van Lear

Ivo Morrison

Avital Sheffer

Rose Blake

Edgardo Rodrigues

Anne Penman Sweet

Emma Haworth

Art Miami Highlight Exhibitors

Select Highlight Exhibitors from Art Miami Fairs 2019


In its 30th year, Art Miami maintains a preeminent position in America's modern and contemporary art fair market and is globally recognized as a primary destination for the acquisition of the most important works from the 20th and 21st centuries.


Hollis Taggart

Gallery Delaive

Galerie Terminus

Cernuda Arte Gallery 


Artist Profiles


Get to know exciting new talent from around the world, interviewed by our writers!


Serendipitous Juxtaposition

Interview with Shawn Huckins 

By Alicia Puig 


What if Instagram Had Always Existed?

A profile on Laurencede Valmy

By Zoë Goetzmann


Balancing an Art Career and Creative Business

Interview with Kristen Elizabeth 

By Alicia Puig


Art World


7 Tips for Surviving an Art Fair

By Alicia Puig


Invisible Labor: Appreciating the Work that No One Sees

By Christina Nafziger


Interview with Christopher Jobson, Founder of Colossal 

by Ekaterina Popova


Curated Section

Artists selected by guest curator Rebecca Hossack


Elizabeth Barden

Sima Jo Benson

Elaine Buss

Marcel Caram

Kristi Chaffee

Andrea Durfee

Vera Edwards

Geoffrey Feng

Daniel Finaldi

Matilda Forsberg

Isabel Garmon

Sally Han

Kt Hancock

Mia Helgesen

Maritza Jaramillo

Laurence Jones

Todd Jones

Sophia Khan

Derwin Leiva

Erin Mcgean

Ashley Mcgee

Maggie Mills

Agnieszka  Pestka

Danielle Rovetti

Adam Stoner

Bruno Surdo

Elisa Szymanski

Lex Talkington

Katya Tzareva

Xiao Wang

Monica Wyatt