Create! Magazine Issue 33

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Create! Magazine Issue #33


192 pages

Glossy interior paper and cover

Printed in Rhode Island, USA

Ships from Pennsylvania, USA


Welcome to issue #33!


If you’re an art lover like me, perhaps you’re a collector too! I’ve enjoyed slowly adding to my own personal collection of art over the years as my career developed and I was able to invest in pieces I love from galleries or directly from other artists. Each work holds a special meaning, serves as a reminder of a memory or simply brings me joy when I see it. 


These feelings inspired the theme for this issue, which focuses on stories about collecting. You’ll hear from gallerists who speak about how they’ve grown their businesses during uncertain times by honing in on their respective missions and making genuine connections with clients. The interviews in this issue also share what motivates contemporary collectors, as well as provide tips for those new to buying art. 


Our curated section was selected by the incredibly talented Dina Brodsky. We were excited to see her picks and what drew her eye as both a curator and accomplished artist. Before you get to the work she found most inspiring, don’t miss her exclusive interview to learn how she has built her multifaceted career painting miniatures, teaching workshops and so much more. 

Our writers take you on a deep dive into the world of art collecting, whether you are seasoned or just starting. Enjoy exclusive features with Sarah Miller Gelber, Marine Tanguy, Dina Brodsky, BUTTER, Jack Trodd, Cortney Lederer of CNL Projects and Superfine Art Fair.


Artists Selected by Curator Dina Brodsky

Nadine Robbins

Amanda Kavanagh

Amy Laskin

Arline Mann

Bryant Portwood

Camille Myles

Charisma Panchapakesan

Christina Keith

Elizabeth Barick Fall

Eva Llorens

Francesca Dalla Benetta

Glen Gauthier

Hannah Yata

Joris Munier

Julia Whitney Barnes

JuliAnne Jonker

Kylee Snow

Lauren Faulkner

Leah Aripotch

Linda Mann

Marisa Mary Myrah

Nanci France-Vaz

Nick Patten

Raven Green

Richard Salvucci

Rosso Emerald Crimson

Sean Delonas

Sharon Harms

Sharry Wright

Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos

Sigríður Huld Ingvarsdóttir

Tereza Barnard

Tim Nighswander

Valeri Larko

Walt Thirion 

Whitney River


Wonil Suh