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Welcome to Create! Magazine Issue #38!

No matter where you live or where you’re from, summer brings back specific memories. It has its own pace, its own vibe, and often its own playlist. For many, it means getting some much-needed time in the sun, while for others, it means finally having a moment to relax. In this issue, we are exploring all things summer through the lens of art. Think vivid, bright colors and beachside scenes; think frozen yogurt stands and cityscapes at dusk. The artists in this issue are bringing us long, endless days, warm ocean waves, and plenty of summer joy—and we are here for it.

In these pages, Ekaterina Popova interviews Billie Rae Busby and Victoria Kukla, who both use bold color and graphic shapes to render gorgeous nature scenes and landscapes. The land and our relationship to it are further explored in a conversation with Ale Rambar and Alicia Puig, whose intricate, cut-paper installations create "human topographies."

Taking a look at artists working in fiber, I talk with interdisciplinary artist Cyrah Dardas about their use of natural materials and how they see their practice as a collaboration with the earth. Ellen Mara de Wachter interviews textile and collage artist Gherdai Hassell, whose work explores her identity, family history, and archives.

We also speak with Megan Ellen MacDonald, whose seductive paintings create a slick and hyper-real world with a feminine twist. And to truly hit home that summer feeling, Zoë Goetzmann takes us into the world of Emma Loizides, who paints magical scenes filled with ice cream trucks, diners, and palm trees. Plus, a special essay from TJ Walsh discusses defining your own success as an artist.

And there’s even more in our curated section! Our wonderful guest curator this issue is Maria Brito, an award-winning New York-based contemporary art adviser, entrepreneur, author, and curator. Flip through and see artists from around the world who really caught Maria Brito’s eye!

I hope this finds you in the middle of summer, somewhere between those lazy days where time stretches, in a moment where you can truly soak up the richness of this issue.

With love,

Christina Nafziger & the Create! Team

Artists Selected by Curator Maria Brito:

Alexandria Deters

Anja Wülfing

Agustina Droze

Ben Steele

Blair Treuer

Branden May

Daniel Finaldi

Diego de la Rosa

Douglas Newton

Erika Stearly

Felicia Feldman

Grace Doyle

Isabelle Gotuaco

Jacqueline Kott-Wolle

Jelbert Karami

Jennifer Agricola Mojica

Jessica Alazraki

Jill Brinser

Julia Karl

Kamal Nassif

Lara Alcantara Lansberg

Lisa Sachs

Mel Gausden

Miya Ando

Molly Mansfield

Petros Chrisostomou

Reza Segdhi

Rose Wind Jerome

Simona Ruscheva

Suzi Balacmi