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Discover "Create! Magazine Issue #39: The Water Issue," where we explore the inspiration and creativity derived from the most vital element on earth – water.


In this evocative issue, we invite readers to immerse themselves in the refreshing world of water through a rich selection of interviews, articles, and artist highlights, navigating its presence in our lives and the playful incidents that revolve around it.



  • Adam Hall brings canvases to life, with water playing the protagonist, beckoning viewers to delve into the depths of its enchanting world.
  • Erika Lee Sears presents a refreshing take on self-care, capturing those golden moments in showers and bathtubs, a celebration of relaxation and joy.
  • Michele Mozzone transports you to the vibrant and colorful realms of summer pools, with her art swimming in hues that rejuvenate your senses.


In our detailed article section:

  • Christina Nafziger chats with Andrea Chung, taking you on a journey underwater into a mythological sanctuary inspired by Drexciya, a realm of fascination and wonder.
  • Alicia Puig unravels the intricate ocean-inspired canvases of Sophie Adair, where the beautiful and the ominous coexist harmoniously.
  • Career-in-Focus: Artivism with The Tracy Piper By Alicia Puig
  • plus more!


In collaboration with the visionary co-founders of Black Women in Visual Art, Daricia Mia DeMarr and Lauren Jackson Harris, we are thrilled to spotlight a spectacular array of artists, handpicked for their fresh and distinctive viewpoints. This issue serves as a platform to highlight budding talent, bringing refreshing narratives to our readers.


Grab your copy and embark on a refreshing adventure that celebrates the diverse and profound influences of water in both life and art. Let the waves of creativity engulf you as you explore this vibrant and fluid world through "Create! Magazine Issue #39: The Water Issue."


Artists Selected by Curators Black Women in Visual Art

  • Abiola Adejare
  • Heather Allison
  • Ariel Dannielle
  • Gail Butters Cohen
  • Amber Janay Cooper
  • S. Erin Batiste
  • Adana Tillman
  • Marcela Montemayor
  • Joanna Pilarczyk
  • Jordan A. Porter-Woodruff
  • Lucy Pike
  • Michele Pierson
  • Charles Mason III
  • Lillian Aguinaga
  • Mary Catherine Lowery
  • Isabel Lu
  • James Robert Morrison
  • Hopeton St.Clair Hibbert Jr.
  • Nicole James
  • Mark Engel
  • Marryam Moma
  • Siran Liu
  • La Línea El Cuerpo (Jorge Tejeda)
  • Louise Rieger
  • Sonia Redfern
  • Tamar Segev
  • Emanuela I Harris Sintamarian
  • Jessica Worrall
  • Allison Hudson

Discover the richness of water's influence on creativity in this unique issue.