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Create Magazine Issue #40: The Humor Issue - Celebrating Art, Laughter, and Resilience (Digital)

7th Anniversary Special Edition: Dive into the celebratory 'Humor Issue' of Create! Magazine, marking our 7-year journey of art and independent publishing.

Art Meets Humor: Explore how humor intertwines with artistic expression. This issue sheds light on how artists use humor as a tool to tackle challenging subjects, navigate life's adversities, and find joy in creation.

Exclusive Interviews and Features:

  • David Fullarton: Delve into his intricate relationship between art and humor, and how text plays a pivotal role in expressing his unique sense of humor.
  • Ashley Longshore: Engage in a lively discussion about humor's role in overcoming life's hurdles and the importance of fun in art.
  • Bridget Moser: Discover her approach to humor in performance art, aiming to provoke thoughtful reflections in her audience.
  • Martha Rich: Enjoy her humorous illustrations and insights into using humor as a coping mechanism.

Curated Art Collection: Enjoy a special selection curated by Ekaterina Popova, Alicia Puig, and Christina Nafziger, featuring works from:

Shazia Ahmad
Lisa Alonzo
Jamie Bradbury
Afton Brazzoni
Toby Davis
Sarah Detweiler
Kimberly Engel
Audrey Fox
Judith Geher
Eva Gjaltema
Kyle Goderwis
Julia Hacker
Jody Hewgill
Eileen Kennedy
Petroula Labrinakou
Shelli Langdale
Lauren Lewchuk
Caroline Liu
Bethany Maloney
Dre Mcleod
Emily Mullet
Mary Peng
Emily Pope
Joanna Radecka
Leonardo Rebolledo
Kate Thompson
Yameng Lee Thorp
Veronica Winters
Anastasia Zielinski