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On The Cover:

Teresa Duck

Featured Interviews

Teresa Duck
Stephanie Hirsch
Alex Konevsky
Dan Lam
Drew Leshko
Tim Tate
Liz Tran
Timothy Walsh

About the Curators

Erin and Justin Nathanson are curators and art dealers living in Charleston, South Carolina. Together they opened The Southern in January of 2016. The Southern is a contemporary gallery dealing in recent works by artists connected to the American South.

Selected Artists:

Chambers Austelle
Dan Isaac Bortz
Patti Brady
Yvonne Cheah
Alexander Churchill
Denton Crawford
John H Daniels
Tania Dibbs
Anna Jensen
Megan Woodard Johnson
Lance Jones
Javier Kaplan
John Oliver Lewis
Zhan Ni Li
Yuan Lu
Jovanni Luna
Brittany Marcoux
Jessica McCambly
Richard McCoy
Jeff Morrical
Mary Tooley Parker
Giancarlo Pisani
Michael Reedy
Molly Scannell
Tammra Sigler
Ceaphas Stubbs
Carrie Beth Waghorn

Artists Featured by The Southern Gallery

Eliot Dudik
Camela Guevara
Karen Ann Myers
Colin Quashie
Sophie Treppendahl
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