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June/July 2018 Edition 


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On the Cover:  

Arthur Brouthers

Interviews (South American Focus)

Mariana Baertl
Martín Fernández
Camila Galofre
Suchitra Mattai
Sol Pochat, founder of HILO Galería
Francisco Rigozzi
Pedro C. Wainer

Interviews (U.S. Focus)

Jesse Brass
Arthur Brouthers
Rick Hidalgo

Curated Section by Jennifer Rizzo, Director of Spoke Art NYC

Daria Aksenova
Kim Anderson
Tori Angeline
Sergio Barrale
David Bellard
Elizabeth Bergeland
Dan Bina
Carly Bodnar
Joey Brock
Gabe Brown
Jason Bryant
Valerie Butters
Sarah Creasman
Ian Ferguson
Beau Frank
Rachel Gregor
Polly Jones
Laura Kaktiņa
Michael Kondel
Gabe Langholtz
Catherine Mcmillan
Gregory Moncada
Annie Norbeck
Jennifer Presant
Rajab Sayed
Elizabeth Selby
Jennifer Shada
Chrysta Starkey
Lindsey Warren
Lisa Wicka


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